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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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have continuity. >> lisa: thanks. back to you, lisa. >> mike: all right, lisa. 35 years old and still an elite player. he showed it substantial with a stellar performance against the cavs here in cleveland. final score, the bulls, 96, the cavs 83. for jeff, mark, lisa, the producer and director and the abc crew who did a tremendous job today, mike breen saying thanks for watching. coming up next, local news except on the west coast. thanks for watching espn on abc.
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it was pretty intense. intense. recounting one frightening night on i-75 as drivers are stuck in a 30 mile stretch of traffic in central kentucky for 17 hours. it's what thousands of travelers on the pennsyvania turnpike are experiencing right the blizzard of 2016 pounds the northeast. we're tracking the record- breaking snow totals as this historic blizzard turns deadly tonight. and ... carrying on a firefighter's memory ... after he's killed in the line of duty patrick
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bravest brought the community out tonight. "all of a sudden you have all this traffic stopped in front of you and there's nothing you could do." do."a cincinnati native stuck on snow-covered i-75 in central kentucky for 17 hours-- 9on your side's rose-ann aragon joins us now with this woman's first hand account of that long--cold night. julie just imagine staying up all start your car, then turn it off, then start it again....trying to keep warm but not run out of gas....having no idea when help might the snow keeps coming down. "the traffic was just stopped, and we didn't have any warning of it."nats: stranded-- on the interstate- -in heavy snowfall-- cincinnati native kate anthony trying to get here from georgia...for a party.(cg kate anthony 11-17)"miles of cars and trucks in front of you and
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behind you and nowhere to go." several semis had spun out leaving a 30-mile stretch of shivering passengers..stuck. "we waited and waited-- it was about quarter to 3 in the afternoon."nats:minutes turned to hours...and hours... after 12 hours a promise of hope. "the police come by and they check everybody. how's your gas.. do you have enough gas... we said we're good for gas but do you have any water?--(cg kate anthony- stranded 43-50) and he said no but there's somebody coming along right behind me with food nad water...(shakes head) never happened."they had snacks but no water."we had a cup and we scooped it up with snow and it didn't realy melt very well so we were just basically eating ice chips.," "by the time it was the middle of the night. and it gets clear that nobody's coming until morning and then it gets kind of scary. how many people are dying around us. people could've been.nats:not till eight in the morning--
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did traffic start moving.--"we were very lucky we had blankets and food. in the car...and it would have been even better if we had water so if you're traveling in the winter do be prepared." triple-a reminds us to keep food, water, blankets, flash lights etc. in the case of such an emergency. most frustrating to kate anthony was that no one ever communicated...on the radio or otherwise...what was going on...or when it would be over. back to you. meantime that blizzard is pounding the northeast of the heaviest snowfalls in history already...and the snow is still falling. tonight flights from c-v-g to philadelphia and several other major cities in the northeast are canceled. a-b-c news reporter karla barguiarena is in manhattan tonight with details on the storm has already claimed nearly twenty lives. 1:19-1:34nats pop tonight...millions of americans in the northeast still socked in from a
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traveler "i didn't expect to be caught in the middle of snowzillait's just such a white out right now" nats: beep beepeven the dc police chief stepping in to shovel out stuck patrol cars.nat pop so much snow the plows can't keep up.nats at the jersey shore...roads flooding with chunks of ice floating by and water levels reaching 8 feet. governor chris christie praising residents who heeded the early warning to evacuate. sot - gov. chris christie / (r) new jersey"this is my 17th snow emergency in 6 years? we know how to do this." further west in pittsburgh?brandon moore/herriing motor company "it's just one after another truck, stuck. it's just nonstop, and don't seem like we're getting anywhere". 00:05:00;17 00:05:10;11 00:00:09;24...the pennsylvania turnpike turned into a long, stalled snake...many commuters spending 15 hours in their frigid cars.sot- driver we haven't had any food, since yesterday." in new york city, a full travel ban. bridges and tunnels closed. with
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streets people are walking right down the middle. so far three people have died from shoveling snow here bringing the total to at least 18 weather related deaths across the northeast.time/initial: the city of cincinnati ... thankfully out of the path of that storm ... only the city of cincinnati ... thankfully out of the path of that storm ... only getting a dusting... but yesterday that system dumped inches on parts of northern kentucky as it moved eastward... eastward...people in falmouth woke up to five inches of snow on their streets today ... some folks saw it as a money making opportunity ... grabbing their shovels and turning the white stuff into 'green' by digging out their neighbors ... and by this afternoon most of the main streets were taken care of. "out here everyone pretty much gets their tractorsgoing with up"
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be had ... many taking to the sleds...officials still instituted a level two travel advisory in pendleton county ... urging people to stay home or have a medical issue. hazards: watch for slick spots on roads, due to re-freeze, especially snow-packed areas. cold night with single digit wind chill, otherwise no additional's going to be another cold night, especially for those in snow-packed communities south and east of greater cincinnati. with mostly clear
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will bottom out around 14 in cincinnati with feels like temperatures in the single in the single digits for a few hours. in areas of snow, temperatures will settle in the single digits. for example, falmouth, kentucky is forecast at 8 degrees tonight. sunday will be a little warmer with mostly to partly new tonight that shooting on reading road last week that led to a wounded driver crashing... is now a homicide investigation. was january fourteenth 24 year old iesha williams was shot as she was driving on reading road, causing her to crash. recall police found different shell casings...and witnesses said a
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that leading police to believe there had been a shoot out...and williams may not have been the intended target. she passed away today.police say they have no suspect information to release at this time... if you know anything about this shooting ... call crimestoppers ... that number is 5-1-3 3-5-2 3-0-4-0. right now police are asking for 'your' help finding a bank robbery suspect ...police say this is a picture of the man who held up the u-s bank on winton road in springfield township yesterday afternoon. after handing the teller a note saying he had a gun and demanding cash ... he took the cash and ran away.if you know who this man is or anything about this bank robbery ... police want you to call crimestoppers. carrying on in his memory .. tonight friends and strangers alike packed the pub at rookwood commons to raise money in the memory of patrick wolterman ... the hamilton township firefighter killed in the line of duty last month.
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'crammed' with hundreds of people ... organizers say not just community members came out to show their support ... but so did firefighters from departments all around kentucky, ohio, and indiana. the money is going to a charity set up in patrick's honor ... and to the roger bacon scholarship fund, donated in his name.organizers say the support they've seen is 'amazing.' the support we get from our community ...... help our families families the pub also donated a portion of its profits to the fundraiser tonight. fifty thousand bottles of water ...that's how much a tri- state community has collected to send to 'flint, michigan' ... where people are coping with toxic water contaminated by lead. lead.volunteers have been collecting donations for days ... packing them inside this semi truck donated by kroger. in hartwell today ... the final cases crammed in there before sending the truck north tomorrow.organizers say what's
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... and the queen city came together to act. (sot) (taken from pkg at 54 sec)(***victoria mullins-public allies cincinnati***)"it's heart breaking really. clean water a right not a privilege and sending up water is something we thought we could do." do." if you'd like to donate bottles or cases of water to send to flint ... saint mark a-m-e church in finneytown is accepting donations. dancing the night away ... before bedtime, at least! least!how a community center gave dozens of dads and daughters a special time together ... to make memories that will last forever. and ... don't break those new year's resolutions yet!how a cincinnati favorite put together a event that makes it easier than ever to get fit
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 the funeral for danville, ohio police officer thomas
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morning at the ohio state university campus in newark. newark.cotrell's body was discovered sunday night ... he had been shot in the head, allegedly by a suspect believed to have been targeting police.that suspect ... 32 year old herschel ray jones ... is being held pending murder charges. governor john kasich ordered the flags at the ohio statehouse to fly at half- staff in cottrell's honor. today mount saint joseph university hosted its inaugural 'mount madness' event ... with the aim of bringing in funds for the 'forever 22 scholarship' in honor of lauren hill. hill.the women's and men's basketball teams squared off against their counterparts at defiance college ..and attendees had the chance to buy special 'mount madness' t- shirts ... half of the money raised went to the scholarship fund...that fund established for lauren hill, the mount saint joe basketball player who raised money and awareness for pediatric brain cancer research before she died. kicking off tomorrow at perfect north .... the special
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state winter games!more than 100 special olympics athletes are expected to compete on the slopes in lawrenceburg ...the opening ceremonies start at 6-30 tomorrow ... that includes the parade of athletes and the lighting of the special olympics cauldron. the games continue through tuesday. at the fairfield community arts center ... a special night for some little princesses and their best guys! guys!dads, uncles, grandfathers and caregivers all dressed their best to match the finery of their little girls at the daddy daughter dance ...about 120 people were there dinner, dancing, and games ... there was a manicure bar ... and a chance to get their portrait taken.organizers say the event is about making lifetime memories for girls as young as three ... and as old as twelve. something you always remember ....... talk about it for years to come
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this was the fifteenth year the arts center has held a daddy daughter dance. this afternoon in eastgate ... shoppers at jungle jim's got a boost to their new year's resolutions ... at a free health festival. festival.the store teamed up with healthcare professionals from mercy health fairfield ...along with food industry specialists to offer screenings and samples to showcase healthy eating options.there were also plenty of activities for people to try out ... we've also been doing yoga ... ... nerf balls balls there were even raffle prizes at this celebration of all
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hazards: watch for slick spots on roads, due to re-freeze, especially snow-packed areas. cold night with single digit wind chill, otherwise no additional's going to be another cold night, especially for those in snow-packed communities south and east of greater cincinnati. with mostly clear to partly cloudy skies lows will bottom out around 14 in cincinnati with feels like temperatures in the single in the single digits for a few hours. in areas of snow, temperatures will settle in the single digits. for example, falmouth, kentucky is forecast at 8 degrees tonight. sunday will be a little warmer with mostly to partly sunny skies and highs in the mid-30s. monday, expect a nice day with
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increase late in the day ahead of a cold front. south winds ahead of our next cold front will take temperatures into the lower 40 to mid 40s. rain returns overnight into tuesday, with a slight chance of light snow showers during the afternoon tuesday. no accumulation is expected. wednesday brings the return of sunshine, followed by temperatures warming into the 40s for the remainder of the week. and it looks like dry and mostly sun filled days.
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coming up, ken broo is in tonight with the latest in sports.the xavier express rolled on today todayand where was mick cronin tonight and what was he doing? ken has the answer to that,
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when you've got a guy like james farr, who can give you 30-minutes off the bench and score 24 pionts, pull in 15 rebounds, you're going to win a lot of games.most teams don't have someone like james farr on their bench. and xavier is winning a lot of games. let's go to the cintas center. xavier back on the court after
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in the week. but farr wasn't having any more of that.nor was freshman edmond sumner, who right before the halftime horn, drove the baseline and gave xavier a 40-36 lead. second half, xavier up three. and trevon blueitt finds farr, who today, dropped 24 on seton hall, off the benchbut this was hardly a one man shot. blueitt goes inside to reynolds: two blocked shots, five rebounds and six points. xavier shot better than 45- percent from the floor.and with the ball, bluiett acquitted himself well...three, three point shots and 15 pointsxavier goes to 17-2, with an 84-76 win. and again, james farr was simply terrific. trt :16outcue:...pretty good day for me."((farr: sometimes when you play hard, sometimes your baskets don't drop. sometimes the rebounds don't come your way. but that isn't how it play. things went well for me. my team mates did a good job finding me. and, there's nothing pretty much
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with each passing game, it's becoming more evident. tyler ulis,is the go to guy on the uk basketball team. today, against vanderbilt, ulis led the charge.ulis was nine of 13 from the floor today and his 21-points led the wildcats to another win.and here's one of his five assists, to marcus lee. uk shot 55-percent from the field. it committed just seven turnovers....and induced the commodores to turn it over 12 times. jamal murray with the steal, two on one break. and the finishkentucky slams vandy 76-57. uk is now15-4 in bloomington today, it was another big win for the resurgent hoosiers. up 18 on northwestern and off the northwestern turnover. watch collin hartman spot up for his third, three point shot of the game.and indiana simply stretched the floor on northwestern. yogi ferrell will start the drive and then find troy williams inside on this lob pass. indiana made 13-three point shots, shot almost 53-percent from the
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ferrell had 17. and indiana is 7-0 in the big ten for the first time since 1993. lebron james says he had nothing to do with his coach getting fired.despite having the best record in the nba's eastern conference, david blatt was booted by the cavaliers friday.but it was no secret in cleveland that james prefered he's new head coach, tyronn lue. and tonight, with lue on the bench, the cavaliers delivered a rather uninspiring effort. the chicago bulls their opponent. pau gasol with the ally opp, that jimmy butler finishes. get this: cleveland was just nine of 22 from the line.and while lebron scored 26, it took him 27 shots to get it96-83 bulls. at moeller tonight, uc coach mick cronin in the crowd... checking out jarron cumberland of wilmington high school. cumberland has commited to play at uc next year. tonight, against the crusaders. he was on his game early. three, three point shots in the first quarter of this game. wilmington led moeller, 21-18 at the half.but
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belonged to moeller. sam mccracken with the stick back. and then later, mccracken spots a wide open trey mcbride here. moeller wins this game. significant. it was the first loss of the season for wilmington, 40-31 is the final. at us bank arena tonight, the cyclones skated away with a 6-4 win over the fort wayne komets.branden gracel and andrew yogan each had a pair of goals. and tomorrow is championship sunday in the nfl.patriots at broncos....cardinals at panthers. the winners advancing to play in the super bowl. it could very well be the final game in denver for peyton manning. it will also be the 17th time in his career that manning has faced tom brady. brady holds an 11-5 advantage in those match ups. but manning says, as you'd might expect, it's not always the best quarterback that wins trt here at home."((manning: usually the better team probably wins. no matter where you're playing. i just know that we worked
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